Events & Activites


Spring 2019 Activities:

Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page for all of the most up-to-date events, like park play dates and trips to the zoo! If you don’t have Facebook, and want to be added to an email list, email us at, or call Becky at 308-632-7204 to find out more about joining our group.

Membership includes access to our Calendar, but there is a sampling of our events below:

To see our current Calendar click here!

Parent Meeting:  The May Parent Meeting will be held Monday, May 6th.  This will be our final Parent Meeting for the 2018-2019 school year.  We will be voting in 2 new members of the leadership team.  All those in attendance will have their names entered into a raffle for free membership for the 2019-2020 school year.  Come at 6:00 PM if you wish to join us in prayer.  The meeting will begin at 6:30.  We meet at Monument Bible Church, 4124 Ave I, Scottsbluff, NE 69361.

April 2019 Parent Meeting Minutes

Valley Home School Association (VHSA) General Membership is now open for 2018-2019 registration!  God is growing our group, but even more so, He’s growing our hearts and our children’s hearts for His Kingdom.  We invite you to jump on in and join us as God equips us to teach our kids and grow them up for Christ!

Registration has two options this year: online membership registration option, and a print-sign-mail option.  To register online, click this link:  You will have the options to pay online or to mail a check.   To print, sign, and mail your registration in, click here.

As always, your $25 membership covers:

  • voting rights in group decisions at parent meeting,
  • liability insurance at VHSA activities,
  • newsletters be email or mail,
  • first choice at event tickets, and
  • the opportunity to join our co-op classes


Book Club: We currently have TWO book clubs meeting.  One in Bayard and one in Morrill.  Details are available on the Facebook Events page.
Midwest Theater Events:  VHSA Attends Passing it Forward

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 1:00 p.m.

Grades: 5-12, and post high school
20 seats

Event length: 1 hour

Possible lessons: expression through tap dance, rhythm, writing, spoken word poetry, cultural identity, American history, immigration, the American dream. See performance examples here: A link to the study guide provided by the dance company is here:…/Passingitforward_teachingguide…

Dance troupe description: Tapestry Dance Company’s “Passing it Forward: The American Dream?” explores the rich and complicated history of immigration since the beginning of our country. Told through spoken word and various musical styles, listen to music informed by Irish, Jewish, Latin, German, and jazz styles, while tap dancers tell their story through dance.

There is a firm deadline to request tickets of 5 days before every show.

***Please respect the age requirements. We REQUIRE parents to share chaperoning with eachother so others can stay out with their littles. We have limited the number of chaperones this year. If you sign up for an adult ticket, you will help supervise the WHOLE group. Remember that there will be an evening show for ALL ages, for which you can buy tickets. ***

These seats for our students are at no cost to us, but are sposored, so please remember to commit to coming if you RSVP. All attendees will be assigned to write thank you notes to our generous sponsors.

RSVP via email (lleggott at gmail dot com) on the Valley Homeschool Calendar Page (preferred)

Reminder: Your tickets are sponsored, not free. Please let us know if you are unable to attend 48 hours in advance, so the Midwest Theater can fill our seats with other students.

Heritage Musical Hour:  TBA

Wildcat Hills Homeschool Days:  2nd Tuesday of every month Click here for Flyer

Valley Faith Co-op Classes: 

VHSA is the umbrella association for a host of activities, events, field trips, newsletters, and co-op Valley Faith Co-Op is all but wrapped up for the current year.  Join us for our end of year program 2:00 pm, Saturday, April 13 at Monument Bible Church.  Co-op leadership is already working on scheduling classes for next year.  Watch for postings on Facebook and in your email in August for fall registration.

The Child: The Child is available for showing in your home, church, or other venue. If you would like to arrange a showing either public or private of this excellent film on the issue of parental rights, please contact Lyn at (308) 633-5009 to make the arrangements.


Valley Home School Group Activities :

Field Trips: Each year we strive to have several field trips available to homeschoolers. Suggestions are Welcome.

Past Field Trips: Zoo Quest, Harms Center, Flowerfield Pioneer School, KDUH, local museums and grocery stores, Brown Sheep Co., Body Walk, Wildcat Hills Nature Center, Bird Banding, a Court Trial, Gering Photo, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Airlink, Buck’s Horse Ranch, Scottsbluff Vision, Sherard’s Hearing, and the Fire Station, Field Trip to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, Midwest Theater Educational Matinee:  Texas Gypsies, Astronomy Night:  with Chet Lowry from the Lowry Observatory, Business and Industry Tour

Classes: Classes are developed and arranged by homeschool parents. Classes vary according to the yearly interests of the group and are to enhance not replace your homeschool curriculum. We are also now offering some classes on a regular basis through a homeshcool co-operative. See the blog page for more information.

Past Classes: Gymnastics, Dance, Speech, Logic and Debate, Choir, Art, Crafts, History, Investment Club, Chess Club, Poetry Club and Homeschool Seminars.

Social Activities: We find many ways to fellowship!

Past Activities: Tae Kwon Do, Walking, Biking, Soccer, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Bowling, Holiday Parties, Contests, Talent Shows and Game Nights.